Nature Thai Wisdom is an organization that gathers, develops, and researches products and services derived from herbs and Thai wisdom to ensure quality. It also promotes trade cooperation with all parties involved, including producers, distributors, and consumers. Its aim i s to expand the market both domestically and internationally, contributing to the advancement of the economy through the concept of "Thai Intellectual Property Products towards Globally Renowned Intellectual Property."

Herbal Product Category

Food Supplement / Medicine
Therapy Product
-Cool Spray
-Spa Product
Skincare / Personal Care
-Skincare Acne Series
-Skincare Sensitive Skin
-Skincare Anti Aging
-Personal Care
Food / Drink

T-OIL Benefits for Your Body

-Improves sleep quality, making it easier to fall asleep and reducing anxiety and stress.
-Balances the body’s systems, supporting immune function.
-Reduces internal inflammation.
-Made from natural herbal extracts, meeting international safety standards.

Treatment Cream

CBD extract blended with Thai herbs, effectively anti-inflammatory, relieving pain, swelling, tendon, muscle, and knee discomfort.

Fresh, aromatic scent, fast absorption, non-greasy.

-Symptoms of back, neck, and shoulder pain.
-Tight tendon pain.
-Symptoms of knee osteoarthritis.
-Pain in the lower back, hips, and inflamed muscles.

Body Spray

new innovation from CBD, utilizing nano-emulsion combined with the pressure of small particle atomization, facilitating rapid absorption of active molecules into the skin, swiftly revitalizing cell and muscle function.

Easy to use, quickly relieving fatigue, it contains herbal extracts stimulating blood circulation and maintaining skin moisture.

-Back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain due to office syndrome.
-Muscle soreness and inflammation.
-Symptoms of knee pain and tight tendons.
-Injuries from exercising or playing sports.

Massage Oil

Massage oil blended with hemp seeds oil and herbs, along with CBD with small particles that can deeply penetrate, revitalizing the muscular and nervous systems.

-Helps relax from fatigue.
-Reduces stress and anxiety.
-Stimulates blood circulation.
-Relieves body aches and fatigue.
-Reduces inflammation of joints and muscles.
-Stimulates the nervous system.
-Reduces tension and anxiety symptoms.

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